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Aims and scope

Aims and scope

Smart Water is a peer-reviewed open access journal published under the SpringerOpen brand. The journal covers:

1. Smart City and Smart Water Issues

  • Smart water management and governance
  • ICT and IoT for water solution
  • Smart water (micro-) grid technologies
  • Smart metering and big-data analysis for smart water
  • Cyber-security for smart water system
  • Interdependency between smart water and other systems (e.g., water and power grid)
  • Socio-economic measures for smart water
  • Educational and research transfer tools
  • Two-way communication in smart water
  • Business processes and modeling languages
  • Real-time information for stakeholders and customers
  • Water policy in smart city

2. Next-generation Smart Water Management

  • Blue-green solution for storm water control
  • Reuse and recycling of water (rainwater harvesting, greywater, desalination, decentralized waste water treatment)
  • Water system sustainability, resilience, and robustness
  • Asset management, life cycle analysis, and field work management
  • System anomaly detection and pinpointing (burst, leakage, etc.)
  • Water system energy operation and management based on real-time system monitoring
  • Renewable energy in smart water system

3. Artificial Intelligence for Smart Water

  • Optimization of smart water system design, operation, and management
  • Cyber-Physical System in smart water
  • Machine learning for water-related decision supporting
  • High-performance and cloud computing for smart water
  • Water system data-driven and physically-based modeling for smart city hydroinformatics

4. Others

  • AMI/AMR technology
  • Tools for Smart Metering / Smart Pricing (e.g. condition-based tariffs)
  • Wearable computers/devices for field workers

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