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Table 1 Highlights of linear and nonlinear short-term forecasting models

From: Short-term water demand forecasting using hybrid supervised and unsupervised machine learning model

Model Category Performance Purpose Reference Number
Linear Standalone Forecasting daily urban water demand (Zhou et al. 2000; Maidment and Miaou 1986; Maidment et al. 1985; Perry 1981; Hughes 1980)
Nonlinear Standalone Short-term water demand forecast (Bennett et al. 2013; Boguadis et al. 2005; Adamowski and Karapataki 2010; Adamowski et al. 2012; Tiwari and Adamowski 2015; Mitrea et al. 2009; Ghiassi et al. 2008; Ghiassi et al. 2005; Hippert et al. 2001; Jain et al. 2001; Cutore et al. 2008; Nasseri et al. 2011)
Hybrid Short-term river flow forecast (Shamseldin and O’Connor 2001)
Hybrid Short-term rainfall-runoff forecast (Abebe and Price 2003)
Hybrid Forecast step-ahead for a power system (Hiroyuki et al. 2001)
Hybrid Forecast the electric load (Mori and Takahashi 2011)
Hybrid Short-term water demand forecast (Tiwari and Adamowski 2013)