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Table 2 List of randomly selected publications

From: Leak detection in water distribution networks: an introductory overview

No Title Year Reference
1 Identifying Water Main Leaks With Trihalomethane Tracers 1985 (Hargesheimer et al. 1985)
2 Leak Detection Methods for Pipelines 1987 (Billmann and Isermann 1987)
3 Ten Years of Experience with Leak Detection by Acoustic Signal Analysis 1991 (Fuchs and Riehle 1991)
4 Designing a Cost Effective and Reliable Pipeline Leak Detection System 1997 (Zhang 1997)
5 Ground-penetrating radar for detection of leaks in buried plastic water distribution pipes 1998 (Hunaidi and Giamou 1998)
6 Acoustical characteristics of leak signals in plastic water distribution pipes 1999 (Hunaidi and Chu 1999)
7 Leak Detection And Calibration Using Transients And Genetic Algorithms 2000 (Vítkovský et al. 2000)
8 Detecting Leak in Plastic Pipes 2000 (Hunaidi et al. 2000)
9 Acoustic methods for locating leaks in municipal water pipe networks 2004 (Hunaidi et al. 2004)
10 Frequency domain analysis for detecting pipeline leaks 2005 (Lee et al. 2005)
11 Pipeline Network Features and Leak Detection by Cross- Correlation Analysis of Reflected Waves 2005 (Beck et al. 2005)
12 A New system for locating leaks in urban water distribution pipes 2006 (Hunaidi and Wang 2006)
13 PIPENET: A Wireless Sensor Network for Pipeline Monitoring 2007 (Stoianov et al. 2007a, 2007b)
14 Comparison of two Detection Algorithms for Pipeline Leaks 2007 (Begovich et al. 2007)
15 Fiber optic in-line distributed sensor for detection and localization of the pipeline leaks 2007 (Huang et al. 2007)
16 Water loss detection via genetic algorithm optimization-based model calibration 2008 (Wu and Sage 2008)
17 Detecting and locating leaks in underground water mains using thermography 2009 (Fahmy and Moselhi 2009)
18 A selective literature review of transient-based leak detection methods 2009 (Colombo et al. 2009)
19 Pressure-dependent leak detection model and its application to a district water system 2009 (Wu et al. 2009)
20 Leak detection and isolation in water distribution networks using principal component analysis and structured residuals 2010 (Gertler et al. 2010)
21 Detecting and Locating Leaks in Water Distribution Polyethylene Pipes 2010 (Pal et al. 2010)
22 Acoustic Detection of Leaks in Water Pipelines Using Measurements inside Pipe 2011 (Khulief et al. 2011)
23 Time domain reflectometry, ground penetrating radar and electrical resistivity tomography: a comparative analysis of alternative approaches for leak detection in underground pipes 2014 (Cataldo et al. 2014)
24 SmartPipes: Smart Wireless Sensor Networks for Leak Detection in Water Pipelines 2014 (Sadeghioon et al. 2014)
25 Multi-tier method using infrared photography and GPR to detect and locate water leaks 2016 (Atef et al. 2016)
26 Mobile sensor networks for optimal leak and backflow detection and localization in municipal water networks 2016 (Gong et al. 2016)
27 Wireless Gas Leak Detection and Localization 2016 (Chraim et al. 2016)
28 Leak Detection, Size Estimation and Localization in Pipe Flows 2016 (Aamo 2016)
29 Perturbation mapping of water leak in buried water pipes via laboratory validation experiments with high-frequency ground penetrating radar (GPR) 2016 (Lai et al. 2016)
30 Locating leaks in water mains using noise loggers 2016 (El-Abbasy et al. 2016)
31 Statistical process control-based system for approximate location pipe bursts and leaks in water distribution systems 2017 (Romano et al. 2017)