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Table 1 Experimental Researches about Mixing in Channels

From: Experimental and numerical investigations of primary flow patterns and mixing in laboratory meandering channel

Researcher Channel Results
Elder (1959) Straight ey/HU = 0.23
Fischer (1969) Meander Theoretical form Derived
Chang (1971) Meander Developed
Miller & Richardson (1974) Straight DL/ey > 100
Krishnappan & Lau (1977) Meander 0.222 < DT/WU, 0.416 < DT/WU
Lau & Krishnappan (1977) Straight Instead of DT/HU, using DT/WU
Webel & Schatzmann (1984) Straight Criticized results of Lau & Krishnappan (1977)
Almquist & Holley (1985) Meander Transverse dispersion coefficient increasing in natural cross section
Nokes & Wood (1988) Straight Transverse dispersion coefficient dependent of a friction factor
Boxall & Guymer (2003) Meander Conducted with setups natural cross-section
Boxall et al. (2003) Meander Transverse dispersion coefficient varied in direction of channel curvature
  1. DL and DT longitudinal & transverse dispersion coefficients, H water depth, U* shear velocity, ey transverse turbulent diffusivity