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Table 2 Key events in the history of trunk main TM-WB. Note that during the flow trials turbidity was often recorded at a high temporal resolution but the flow measured by the meter at the downstream reservoir meter continued to be recorded at 15 min (via SCADA)

From: Calibrating and validating a combined accumulation and mobilisation model for water distribution system discolouration using particle swarm optimisation

Date Comment Tds_obs monitoring
2008-08-06 Trial 0 Discrete sampling at downstream reservoir sampling tap
2009-09-27 Flow trial 1 t = 10 s; N5 and SR2 sampling tap
2010-12-07 Flow trial 2 t = 900 s
2010-12-14 Flow trial 3 t = 10 s
2011-01-18 Flow trial 4 t = 11 s
2011-02-01 Flow trial 5 t = 10 s
2011-06-21 Flow trial 6 t = 11 s
2012-03-08 Permanent turbidity meter commissioned for SR2 inlet t = 60 s
2012-03-13 Permanent turbidity meter connected to telemetry system t = 900 s via SCADA from that date onwards
2012,mid-Sept Main drained down to repair a leak. This permitted the inspection of the internal surface N/A