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Table 1 Residential end use analysis techniques comparative analysis matrix

From: An adaptive model for the autonomous monitoring and management of water end use

Technique examined Equipment required Recognition analysis technique(s) Processing efficiencya Accuracyb Costc Feasibilityd Overalle
TraceWizard Or Identiflow Smart meter and data logger Decision tree **** ** ** *** **
HydroSense Smart meter, data logger and pressure sensors HMM *** ***** * ** ***
Autoflow Smart meter and data logger HMM + DTW + probability *** **** *** **** ****
  1. aProcessing efficiency relates to time required to recognise end use events, bAccuracy relates to techniques degree of accuracy in recognising end use events correctly, cCost relates to the capital cost for setup and ongoing resources required to analyse data received, dFeasibility relates to viability of widespread rollout of technology for automated end use analysis in a region, and eOverall relates to the combined overall assessment on the applicability of the technique for widespread viable automated end use analysis of residential water flow data. Rating system: 1 star (*) = poor; ** = below average; *** = average; **** = good; ***** = excellent