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Table 5 Types of industries surveyed

From: Industrial water demand for agro-processing and beverage industries in Rwanda

Food industries   Chemical industries
1 Sugar Manufacturing industry 1 Soap manufacturing industries
2 Tomato paste Manufacturing industry 2 Cosmetics Manufacturing industries
3 Bakeries production industries 3 Paints manufacturing industry
4 Biscuit production industries 4 Textile industry
5 Flour production Industries 5 Paper printing
6 Meat processing Industries (Abattoir) 6 Mattresses Production
7 Coffee processing industry   
Beverage industries   Metals and Plastic industries
1 Carbonate soft drink 1 Roofing Materials (Iron sheets)
2 Beer production industries 2 Metallic tubes and profile
3 Banana Industries 3 Plastic tubes and water tanks
4 Juice production Industries   
5 Milk Production Industries   
6 Butter production   Hydropower Industries
7 Yoghurt and jam 1 Mukungwa hydropower Plant
8 Mineral water 2 Ntaruka Hydropower plant
  3 Rukarara Hydropower plant and others
  Other Industries   
1 Mining Industry   
2 Tobacco Industry