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Table 3 Industrial water use questionnaire

From: Industrial water demand for agro-processing and beverage industries in Rwanda

Indicate business sector in which the company operates from list below
• Fabricated metal products Battery manufacturers
• Food processing Plastics products
• Tobacco Brewery industry:
• Soap – Detergent: Sugar Production Industry
• Manufacture of textiles Mining
• Milk, confectionery processing others
• Soap-detergents/cleaning-polishing-perfumes  
• Paper Industry  
What are your principal raw materials?
Give details of the main company activities/products:
Source of Water used in Factory: River, ground water, public water
Daily Water Used in Industrial Process
Water Used for Mixing m3
Water Used for condensation Process m3
Water used for Cleaning the system m3
Water used by boiler System m3
Water used for Cooling System m3
Water Used for recycling m3
Number of Employees m3
Water consumed by Employees m3
Water used for Floor Washing m3
Water used for miscellaneous m3
Total daily Industrial water used m3
Monthly water used m3
Annually Industrial water consumption m3
Annually Water consumption Records m3
Does your Factory have water Treatment
Facility and water Saving Policy
Industrial Production
Daily Production (Kg / tones) or (Liters / Cubic meter)
Monthly Production (Kg / tones) or (Liters / Cubic meter)
Annually Production (Kg / tones) or (Liters / Cubic meter)
Annually Records For Production (Kg / tones) or (Liters / Cubic meter)