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Table 5 Sensors used for water quality monitoring

From: Internet of things enabled real time water quality monitoring system

Sensors used References Remarks
Fabricated buoy type sensor node. Tomoaki et al. (2016) Solar enabled sensor node with power module and transmission module
Solar cell enabled sensors Ruan and Tang (2011)
Fabricated TiO2-based thick film pH resistive sensor Mitar et al. (2016) Designed to ensure reliable measurements without any additional signal processing
Fabricated Turbidity sensor Theofanis et al. (2014) Designed to be compatible with WSN technology, in-pipe placement, low cost and accuracy
ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451–2 compliant sea water
Francesco et al. (2015) Single Probe capable of measuring water temperature, salinity/
conductivity, turbidity and chlorophyll
Standard commercially available sensors Vijayakumar and Ramya (2015), Thinagaran et al. (2015), Vinod and Sushama (2016), Niel et al. (2016), Theofanis et al. (2014), Eliades et al. (2014), Peng et al. (2009), Jayti and Jignesh (2016), Poonam et al. (2016), Xin et al. (2011), Gerson et al. (2012), Pandian and Mala (2015), Liang (2014), Wei et al. (2012), Xiuna et al. (2010), Francesco et al. (2015), Christie et al. (2014), Offiong et al. (2014), Anthony et al. (2014), Sathish et al. (2016), Li et al. (2013)